Best Bait for Bluegill

7' RF Glider Swimbaits bass Lures Glide Bait Bluegill Swim Bait Fishing for bass Jointed Fishing Lures Bait Fish (Carp)
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7" RF Glider Swimbaits bass Lures Glide Bait Bluegill Swim Bait Fishing for bass Jointed Fishing Lures Bait Fish (Carp)
  • ✅ CARP. Life-Like action. See video below. It has a realistic profile of a baitfish that fish targets.
  • ✅ Smooth Glide action that can be retrieved slow with wide side to side action
  • ✅ Slow Sink allows bait to swim in the strike zone. Throw bait around rocky points and dropoffs.
  • ✅ Makes a nice gift! Real Image of bait fish wrapped onto lure that is detailed just like the real fish!
  • ✅ Walk the Dog Action when retrieved like a jerkbait. Sometimes fish prefer the erratic motion to trigger those big bites!
ods lure Bluegill Glide Bait Topwater Fishing Lure Floating Swimbait for Bass Trout Perch Pike Walleye Fishing (1)
  • √ This glide bait is made of high quality ABS material. It features a translucent body and jointed construction that provide an incredibly lifelike swimming action .
  • √ With four built-in steel balls, this bluegill sunfish lure can walk, glide and swim. It will be floating at rest and it can also dive down to about one foot deep as its retrieved.
  • √ Metal joint connects 2 section body, which delivers a seductive and natural Z shaped path.
  • √ Rounding out the design of this fishing lure is its fiber strand hackle tail which gives a lively swimming motion to the lure as it moves through the water.
  • √ Built-in steel balls makes the fishing bait easier to cast and control and makes noise as its retrieved, which could attract and trigger fish to strike.
Fishing Lures Bass Swimbaits Lure Crankbaits Artificial Bait Multi Jointed Lifelike Hard Baits Talipia Panfish Bluegill Sun Fish Tackle Kits with Box 5 pcs/Set
  • MULTI JOINTED FISHING LURE SET :Sunlure lure with life-like real fish appearance,Brilliantly replicates color and patterns of actual bait fish, can tempt the attention of fishes. length:4.13inch weight:0.47oz 6 segment 5pcs/set.a free box included,easy to carry.
  • SUITABLE FOR SALTWATER AND FRESHWATER: Fishing lure made of high quality ABS material made Hard lures performs great in various condition,and its ability to work at the widest possible range of speeds and catch.
  • HOOKS AND SPLIT RINGS: high quality hook and double circle makes it a powerful catching tool,this fishing lures Rigged with 2 quality treble hooks,High durability and flexibility hinge.
  • LIFELIKE SWIMMING:sunlure 6 segment multi jointed topwater fishing Lure, bionic fish body with 3D lifelike eyes, life-like swimming action, easily provoke fish to bite hook.
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE: Widely targeting at predator fishes such as bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, etc, great lures for anglers.
Berkley Topwater Fishing Hard Baits (All Models & Sizes),Ghost Bluegill,120mm - 1 oz
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Berkley Topwater Fishing Hard Baits (All Models & Sizes),Ghost Bluegill,120mm - 1 oz
  • Easy-to-use top water lure
  • Durable cupped propeller tail
  • Enhanced propeller surface area for maximum disturbance
  • Produces popping sound to entice fish
  • Swims straight at a variety of speeds
Zoom Swimmin' Super Fluke Bait, Bluegill Flash
  • Features a new formulation and enough bulk to cast it country mile
  • Extremely soft plastic allows the boot tail to impart a tantalizing kicking action, and because of its streamlined design, it still works great around vegetation and timber
  • Rig it on a weightless or weighted swimbait hook depending on what portion of the water column you plan to attack, and like the original, it can also be rigged in a variety of additional effective presentations
Magic PB-3 Bluegill Bait
  • Outdoor Cap Trp-001-Buc Winter
  • Color Cubes 3Oz Re-Closeable Bag
  • Model # Pb-3
  • Country Of Origin: China
4.5" RF Gillman Glide Bait Bass Musky Striper Fishing Big Lure Multi Jointed Shad Trout Kits Slow Sinking or Floating (4.5" Male Bluegill Sink)
  • ✅ SLOW SINK ROF 8"-10" deadly when fish are suspended and looking for an easy meal. See video below on how bait swims
  • ✅ IMAGINE SWIMMING this bait over a shallow spawning area & watching a big fish crushing it! Smooth Glide action gives the bait an easy target for the bigger fish.
  • ✅ REAL PHOTO IMAGED onto bait shows the detail of each bluegill and real fish eyes give it a natural look. Swim this bait over a shallow spawning area & watching a big fish crushing it!
  • ✅ REALISTIC LIFELIKE profile gives that look and feel of a real Bluegill swimming in the main lakes and river Delta system. Makes a nice gift!
  • ✅ WEIGHS 1 1/4 oz. VMC SHARP HOOKS and one with feathered hook to give it a moving fins look when paused.
NUOMI 5-Piece Mini Fishing Lures Crankbait Bass Fishing Hard Baits Hooks Topwater, Catching Bluegill Crappie Perch Pike, Cricket Shape
  • Material: ABS + High-carbon steel. These Crickets and Hooks are well made and have great colors. Cricket is 1.57in(4cm) long. Small And big Fish slayer.
  • Detailed looking lures are very nice for LRF fishing in both salt and fresh water! Due to the fact they are small they don't spook the fish, especially on small bodies of water like streams.
  • Great little lures for Sunfish, Bluegill, perch, and crappie, bass, small largemouth bass, panfish, smallies, spotted bass, and even a small northern pike on these.
  • 5 Piece small crankbaits. They sink slowly. Great action and stays down in the water column but won’t dive to the bottom and get hung. The paint finish is decent enough and holds up well.
  • Cast and retrieve and catch fish. Makes catching panfish, or any fish really, very easy. WARNING - These hooks are extremely SHARP, so use care when handling them.
Z-MAN Chatter Bait, 1/2 oz, Perch/Bluegill (CB12-46)
  • The original Chatter bait is a great choice to fish heavy cover
  • The hex-blade serves double-duty as a weed-guard to keep the hook from snagging on weeds or brush
  • Regulate depth by working it slowly, at a moderate RATE, or crank the reel handle as fast as you can
  • SELECT from a range of EZ skirt and ElaZtech split-tail trailer colors