Best Bedding for Rats

Oncpcare Small Pet Cage Hammock, Bunkbed Sugar Glider Hammock, Guinea Pig Cage Accessories Bedding, Warm Hammock for Parrot Ferret Squirrel Hamster Rat Playing Sleeping
  • SIZE S --- Length x Width: 7.87x 7.87 inch(20 x 20 cm), fit for hamster, golden bear, baby rat, sugar glider and etc.
  • MATERIAL --- Made of cozy, soft and superb quality material, coral fleece + arctic fleece, it’ll provide a secure and super comfy resting spot for your lovely one, offers unmatch warmth and comfort.
  • NECESSARITY OF HAMMOCK --- Full use of the large space of the cage, hammock is always a great cage accessory to makes the cage more stereoscopic by attaching to the cage with clips.
  • DOUBLE-LAYER BED --- Double layers for the pet shuttling, it’s a good option to meet their nature of addicting running in the tunnel back and forth, to be as a good entertainment stage, which they can either lounge on the top layer or snuggle in the bottom one.
  • EASY TO USE --- Easy and quickly attaches to cage interiors with included 4 metal hooks.
FiberCore Eco Bedding with Odor Control, 3 lb, Brown
  • Healthy Small Animal Bedding With Triple Action Odor Control
  • Perfect For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Birds, Ferrets, Rats and More
  • Made With 100% Recycled Paper and 100% Biodegradable
  • Hygienic and Sanitary; Cleans Easily
Arm & Hammer Natural Paper Bedding for Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits & All Small Animals, 30 Liters
  • KEEP YOUR HOME SMELLING FRESH — Guinea pig bedding by Arm & Hammer is crucial for an odor-free home
  • HEAVY DUTY — Perfect for heavy-duty use, it absorbs 6 to 8 times its weight
  • GENTLE ON PAWS — Super-light, soft texture is gentle on paws and fun for playing, nesting, and burrowing
  • 100% SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE — Infused with baking soda, natural zeolite crystals, and activated carbon, natural bedding is free of toxins, sludge, or reclaimed pulp and is 99.9% dust-free
Dr. Hemp All Natural Pet Bedding Bag, 8-Quart
  • Very High Absorbency Allows the bedding material to stay dry longer than straw or wood shavings - Hemp bedding will absorb four times its own weight
  • Low Dust and Low Palatability Are Two critical qualities in limiting respiratory and other health risks in rabbits, hamsters, and other small animals
  • Chemical Free Industrial hemp requires limited pesticides or herbicides when grown which prevents chemical residues being transferred to your animal
  • The longer life of hemp bedding immediately translates into dollar savings through reductions in labor, transport, and storage costs
  • Made In The USA
Kaytee Clean & Cozy Birthday Cake Bedding, 3000 Cubic Inch
  • Odor control guaranteed
  • Absorbs 6x its weight in liquid
  • 99.9% dust-free for a cleaner cage
  • Fun colors inspire kids to get involved in cage cleaning
  • Safe for all pets
No Scent Small Animal - Professional Pet Waste Odor Eliminator & Cleaner - Safe All Natural Probiotic & Enzyme Formula Smell Remover for Hutches Tanks Enclosures Bedding Toys and Surfaces (32 oz)
23 Reviews
No Scent Small Animal - Professional Pet Waste Odor Eliminator & Cleaner - Safe All Natural Probiotic & Enzyme Formula Smell Remover for Hutches Tanks Enclosures Bedding Toys and Surfaces (32 oz)
  • NEW ADVANCED PROBIOTIC ODOR ELIMINATION solution designed to be 100% sustainable and contains ZERO harmful chemicals. Our eco-friendly based formula is designed to require less product and work longer than the competition while promoting a healthier living environment for your pets and family. While other products mask the offending odors with fragrances, ours targets the source of the odor and organically destroys the offending compounds on contact.
  • THE SCIENCE BEHIND OUR INDUSTRY LEADING PROBIOTIC DESIGN utilizes the highest concentration of 5 scientifically selected human-grade naturally occurring spore forming bacteria strains. This allows our product to continue generating enzymes that eliminate many different offending odor compounds long after application. Other enzyme based products work for a short time after spraying, targeting fewer foul odor compounds and may not completely eliminate the stench.
  • DESIGNED TO WORK OPTIMALLY FOR SMALL ANIMAL waste. Due to their diet, small animals produce more cellulose in their waste. Our unique formula is designed to work with the pH level of small animal urine and contains higher concentration of cellulose destroying bacteria. Although targeted for small animals, this product works just as well for ALL OTHER odor causing compounds by containing ALL 5 scientifically selected probiotic strains.
  • COMPLETELY SAFE FOR PETS, YOUR FAMILY AND HOME as our products are all natural, bio-degradable, and 100% environmentally friendly. Designed to be applied and let air dry, our formula contains NO dangerous chemicals or harmful airborne enzymatic compounds. Spray directly onto hutches, bedding, walls, floors, and color-fast fabrics. NO need to remove pet or food from habitat. Studies have shown that probiotic cleaning can greatly reduce the potential for illness for your pets and family!
  • BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION is our goal and we strive to make sure you receive it. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have ANY questions or concerns since we really believe you'll love this product. If you're not happy, don't worry since we only make odors disappear and not your hard earned money. We promise to provide a full refund if you're not 100% satisfied!
Choco Nose H125 Patented No Drip Hamster Water Bottle, Best Mini-Sized Pet Wire Cage Leak-proof Feeder Mess-free Animal Crate Waterer Hedgehog/Sugar Glider/Rat/Mice 11.2 oz, Nozzle Size 10mm, Pink
  • Why Choco Nose Water Bottle? Are You Tired of Changing the Wet Bedding for Your Pet Cage? This Is The Best Small Pet Water Bottle For Your Beloved Pets. Providing A Wet-Free and Mess-Free Living Area For Your Furry Kids Is Very Essential. Choco Nose U.S. Patented Leakproof Nozzle Can Prevent Water Leakage Effectively. Our Innovative Design Allows Your Pets to Enjoy Clean and Fresh Water While Keeping Your Home Clean and Dry.
  • Mini-sized nozzle (10mm) is perfect for small animals, especially for Hamster/ Hedgehog/ Sugar Glider/ Rat/ Mice.
  • User Friendly Screw-on bracket: Simple and easy installation. You can easily snap the Water Bottle on or off for cleaning and refilling water.
  • Nail-on bracket: It may also be nailed to the wall or wooden furniture with screws. Eco-Idea: Pet owner can switch our bottle to most regular sized PET bottles (Soda Bottle).
  • Important Instruction: Please check the water bottle daily and after every refill by tapping the metal ball inside the nozzle to ensure water coms out. The water bottle is ready to use when air bubbles occur as you tap the metal ball.
carefresh Shavings Plus Blue Natural Paper Small Pet Bedding with Odor Control, 69.4 L
  • Small Pet Bedding: Our unique blend of natural paper fiber bedding with kiln-dried softwood shavings is 60 percent more absorbent than shavings alone and controls odors to make the softest, driest, most comfortable home for small pets
  • Pillowy Soft: Mix of kiln-dried softwood shavings and 30 percent comfyfluff natural paper bedding creates a dry and comfortable home for burrowing, tunneling, nesting, or creating a hamster hideout; ideal rat, mice or guinea pig bedding or rabbit litter
  • Odor Control: Natural paper bedding combined with softwood helps suppress ammonia odors for up to 5 days
  • Ultra-Absorbent: More absorbent than shavings alone, the added natural paper bedding absorbs better to keep small pets and their homes warm and dry
  • 97 percent Dust-Free: Free of harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes, our bedding plus shavings ensure a cleaner, healthier home for your smAll pet and easy clean-up for you. Biodegradable and compostable means better for the planet too
Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding, 178 L (JMWB)
  • White bedding makes it easier to spot "used" Litter and clean up only messy areas
  • Soft and absorbent - Made with unbleached paper fiber
  • 99% dust free and is safe and comfortable for small pets
  • Sludge free and never recycled print. Note-This product is not 100% biodegradable. Although it is 95% biodegradable, we do not recommend it for composting in your garden or yard due to the 5% food grade binder fibers, that do not break down or digest. We recommend our brown bedding if composting in your garden or yard, it is 100% Cellulose fiber and 100% compostable
  • Paper bedding is measured based on volume not weight, as the density of paper varies so much. Jumbo 178L white bedding will always expand to at least 178L usable volume. Weight should have variance between 8lb-12lb.
ECO BEDDING FiberCore Natural for Small Pets and All Type Birds, 3 lbs Bag
  • Increases activity & Encourages Nesting and Foraging
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for all types of small animals and birds.
  • Best bedding for kids and pet owners with allergies or asthma.
  • Sustainably produced and packed with the help of a remarkable group of adults with disabilities.