Best Brush for Labs

Keeping your dog looking neat can be a tough job, but thankfully there’s one thing that will make the task easier — getting a hold of the right type of brush. While it would seem tempting to just go buy any old one off the shelf at a local store without doing research first, you’re likely going to waste money and possibly cause more harm than good if you don’t get your own breed’s specific model!

The reason why there are so many different types on offer in stores today is because each animal has its own needs when it comes down to things like hair length or thickness.

Labradors are notorious for shedding hair. To keep your house and clothes clean, you’ll want to brush them regularly with a good slicker or pin-brush that will remove loose fur before it falls onto everything in sight.

A Lab’s double coat means certain types of brushes work much better at removing any hair — instead of just pushing around the dog hairs from one place on its body to another.

Best Brushes for Labrador Retrievers