Best Calculator for ACT

Best Calculator for SAT

SATs are one of the most important exams that you take during your school career. The following features should be included in your calculator if you want to give yourself an edge during the examination.

1. Rechargeable

There’s nothing more horrifying than sitting down at the desk and realizing that your calculator’s batteries are dead. It’s unlikely that anyone is carrying any extras, so you could be in trouble. However, if you had a rechargeable calculator, then those worries could be put to rest.

A rechargeable calculator can simply be plugged into a socket in the wall or an outlet that’s installed in the desk at your leisure. You never have to worry about your calculator dying mid-way through the exam again.

2. CAS Capability

Sometimes certain calculators aren’t allowed in the exam. That being said, you should still try to find one that has CAS capabilities. This software essentially solves X for you. You can easily submit formulas, equations, and look for limits with just a few clicks of a button.

The calculator does the rest for you. This can make solving for X a lot easier and faster. You’ll still need to know what formula to input or what formula you’ll need to solve the problem, but the calculator will do most of the heavy lifting for you.

In a place where time is your enemy more than anything, having a CAS-capable calculator can really give you an edge and improve your SAT scores.

3. Bright Display

One little detail that shouldn’t be overlooked for the best kind of calculator for the SAT is one that has a bright display. This is important because sometimes the exam room can be dim. That makes seeing your work on a traditional calculator difficult.

Those precious seconds you spend trying to read what your calculator screen says can add up over time. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a calculator that comes with a bright screen. No matter how dim the room is, you’ll still be able to quickly look down and see the information that you need.

4. Graphing Function

Unless you have a particular talent for visually graphs in your mind, you’re likely going to need to doodle out a little graph for certain problems. This can waste time. You might also not have a lot of space to do your doodling if you’re only allowed one piece of scrap paper.

To save yourself a lot of time, your calculator should have a graphing function. There should be a relatively easy interface that allows you to type in the equation, what kind of graph you need, and then plots it quickly and clearly. With that graphing function, it should also allow you to perform certain functions.

For example, it should make solving the slope easier. Or it should also include a table, so you can quickly access data points if you need them.

Having a calculator that creates graphs and tables for you can save a lot of time.

5. SAT and ACT-Friendly

Both the SAT and ACT have restrictions on what kind of calculators can be used in their exam rooms. The best kind of calculator is one that you can use for both exams.

Not only does this mean that the calculator is powerful enough for the ACT–which means it’s definitely powerful enough for the SAT–but it also means it isn’t so powerful that it can’t be used for the ACT.

By having a calculator that is approved for both exams, you can save money by not having to buy two calculators for each exam.