Best driver for beginners

Best Driver for Beginners

Have you just started golfing? Then you’ll likely need a driver with some of these best qualities for beginner golfers.

1. Head Size

Size does matter when it comes to golfing. Your driver should have a cubic centimeter size between 440 and 460. This is a great starting point for new players who are trying out drivers for the first time.

The maximum size that is allowed in golfing is 460 cubic centimeters. Obviously with golf, the bigger the head is, the more likely it is to hit the ball. Bigger head size also determines how large of an impact it has on the ball.

For beginners, you’ll likely want a driver that’s either right at 460 cubic centimeters or just under that mark. As you become more skilled, you can try out drivers with smaller heads to see how you fare.

The smaller heads have the advantage of being less heavy. As a result, you might be able to put more power behind the swing and send the golf ball flying further. For beginners, however, just hitting the ball is a great starting point.

2. Loft

In golf, the term ‘loft’ refers to the angle of the head face. It plays an important role in determining the ball’s backspin, distance, and trajectory. Most often, drivers have a loft angle between 8 and 14 degrees.

For new golfers, you can find the right kind of loft angle depending on your swing speed. The lower that your swing speed is, the higher loft you’re going to want your driver to be.

Average golfers tend to have a swing speed between 85 and 105. In that instance, their loft should be around 10 and 12 degrees. The maximum and minimum loft that you can get on a driver is between 4 and 20 degrees.

When starting out, have someone measure your swing speed. From there, you can determine what kind of loft angle your driver should have.

3. Shaft

There are two main aspects of the shaft for making the best driver for beginner golfers. The first is its rigidity. Driver shafts come in various forms of rigidity. For beginners, it’s often the best idea to choose a shaft that has regular shaft flex.

This allows the shaft to bend just a little when you strike the ball. It limits the amount of shock that runs up your arm. However, it also means that you have a little less control over your ball.

As you become more skilled or for those who have a swing speed greater than 95, then you might want to think about using a stiffer shaft. These allow for greater accuracy and can also help you drive the ball over a greater distance.

The other aspect to consider for your driver shaft is its length. For golfers who run on the short side, the last thing you need is a long driver. You won’t be able to swing it without striking the ground.

The same goes for taller golfers who use short drivers. You’ll miss the ball. The rule of thumb in this regard is to measure your arm’s length. Then have someone measure your swing. You’ll be able to find the perfect shaft size that will help you hit the ball every time.

As a good point of reference, the average driver shaft size is 45 inches long. However, you can find them in other lengths depending on your needs.

4. Weight

One last feature to consider for the best driver for beginner golfers is the driver’s weight. Lighter drivers are easier to handle and control overall.

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)
  • Offset anti-slice Technology
  • 460Cc clubhead
  • Headcover included ; The matte black finish and white and green gives the driver a clean and sleek look.
  • Club 1
  • The offset of the driver helps you square the ball at impact. Having a square face at impact is important and will result in straighter drivers.
TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver 9.5 Loft Right Hand Stiff Flex, Chrome, Large
7 Reviews
TaylorMade Golf M2 Driver 9.5 Loft Right Hand Stiff Flex, Chrome, Large
  • All new multilateral construction saves weight and repositions CG low and back
  • Geocoustic technology
  • Deep more active speed pocket
  • Premium features and personalization
Callaway Golf 2020 Men's Rogue Driver, Right Hand, Alidila Synergy 2.0 50gr, Regular Flex, 10.5 Degrees
  • Combined power of Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT Technology that promote high ball speed and long distance
  • Largest ever carbon composite crown surface area in a Callaway driver and new high-MOI shape with larger address footprint combine to increase stability and forgiveness
  • Speed Step technology developed by Boeing and Callaway to improve airflow and to promote faster head speed
  • Industry-leading Selection of Shaft, Weight and Loft Options
TaylorMade Golf M6 Driver, 10.5 Loft, Right Hand, Stiff Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange, Large
36 Reviews
TaylorMade Golf M6 Driver, 10.5 Loft, Right Hand, Stiff Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange, Large
  • Speed Injected: Every Head Is Individually Speed Tested and Injected With Tuning Resin to Optimize Cor Across the Entire Face; the Speed Injection Process Is Designed to Maximize Ball Speed and Distance in the M6 Driver
  • Twist Face: Revolutionary New Face Curvature With a Corrective Face Angle On Off Center Hits, Engineered to Reduce Side Spin and Deliver Straighter Shots
  • AERODYNAMIC CARBON SOLE DESIGN WITH "INERTIA GENERATOR": Sleek, aerodynamic shaping designed to provide increased clubhead speed for more distance.LIE:56° - 60°
  • HAMMERHEAD 2.0: The new, more flexible Hammerhead slot works in conjunction with Speed Injected Twist Face to produce a larger sweet spot and preserve ball speed on off-center strikes
TaylorMade Men's RBZ Fairway, Black, Right Hand, Regular Flex, 3 Wood, 15 Degrees
  • Legendary speed pocket for high launch and increased carry distance
  • Strategically positioned mass pad for optimal launch, sound, and feel
  • Shallow profile lowers the center of gravity to increase playability from the fairway
  • Lightweight 55 RocketFuel shaft for increased speed and distance
  • New satin black finish with elegant detailing to improve alignment
Ram Golf EZ3 Mens Steel Wood Set - Driver, 3 & 5 Wood - Headcovers Included
  • 3 CLUB SET - 460cc driver, 3 wood and 5 wood
  • FORGIVING DESIGN - Oversized heads with higher moment of inertia give more forgiveness and consistency
  • HEADCOVERS INCLUDED - includes 3 deluxe headcovers to keep clubs in great shape
  • STEEL SHAFTS - give you great control and consistency
Pinemeadow PGX 500cc Illegal/Non-Conforming Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular)
  • ILLEGAL: The 500cc club head exceeds the maximum head size allowed by the USGA
  • MASSIVE SWEET SPOT: Oversize club head bigger than your normal drivers gives you a bigger sweet spot helping you improve contact and distance
  • MATTE BLACK FINISH: Clean and sharp matte black finish is easy on the eyes when addressing and hitting the ball
  • HEADCOVER INCLUDED: Driver comes with headcover to protect the club when not in use
Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver
139 Reviews
Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized Behemoth 520cc Driver
  • NON-CONFORMING 520CC - ILLEGAL size exceeds the maximum size allowed by the USGA
  • SUPERSIZED, HIGH MOI DESIGN - Offers a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness
  • INTECH BEHEMOTH SHAFT - Matching lightweight graphite shaft
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver (Right, RCH 55gr Graphite, Regular, 10.5 Degrees )
  • The Big Bertha B-21 Driver is designed for distance any way you swing it.
  • To help eliminate your slice or big miss, we’ve created our first high launch driver with an ultra-low forward CG for low spin.
  • The large Big Bertha head is specifically engineered with internal draw bias weighting to help improve your launch angles and promote a straighter, longer ball flight.
  • We’ve advanced our A.I. designed Flash Face to promote fast ball speeds across a more expansive area.
  • This face architecture requires extremely strong materials that are lighter and stronger than traditional titanium to promote optimal speed, forgiveness, and spin characteristics.
TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men's (Right-Handed)
  • 460CC VOLUME – Maximum size allowed by the USGA to instill confidence
  • HIGH MOI DESIGN - Offers a large sweet spot for maximum forgiveness
  • XTREME DISTANCE III SHAFT – Matching lightweight graphite shaft
  • EXCELLENT DRIVER - For any beginner golfer on a budget
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