Best Metronome for Drummers

Tama Rhythm Watch RW200
  • Tempo Range: 35-250 BPM
  • Tempo & Beat Memory: 30 songs
  • Beat: 0-9
  • Display: LCD display with backlight
  • Size: 5x 1.4 x 6
Backbeater, Advanced Digital Metronome for Drummers. A Smartphone system for perfect drum tempo. Connect sensor from drum to phone, start iOS or Android app, and know your tempo.
  • Sensor connects your snare drum to smartphone or tablet app to track & maintain a rock-steady tempo
  • Includes sensor cable, audio splitter, hardware for mounting to snare, and free smartphone app
  • Create setlists of your most-played songs for easy access
  • App provides visual and auditory feedback - great for both rehearsals and live performances
  • 100% of profits from all Backbeater sales is donated to charity
Andoer Digital Electronic Drummer Training Practice Drum Pad Metronome
  • Test your tap tempo or a song tap tempo accurately. (Tap)
  • Test your tap tempo or a song tap tempo accurately. (Tap)
  • Recognized hand feeling of beating drum by specialized drummers, close to the feeling of leather drum.
  • Optimizing design such as earphone preposition, external DC power, shockproof and skid-proof design.
  • Digital LCD screen, performance with full dynamic range.
Tama Rhythm Watch RW30
  • Tempo Range: 30-250 BPM
  • Beat: 0-9
  • Display: LCD display with backlight
  • Size: 5" x 1-1/3" x 6"
  • Weight: 3.17oz including battery
RokTempo - Tempometer for Drummers - Reverse Metronome - Monitor Your Tempo As You Play
  • The RokTempo detects and displays your real time BPM as you play, acts like a reverse Metronome.
  • It is a self-contained battery powered electronic tempometer that attaches to your drum.
  • Small enough to attach to your drum, works with either acoustic or electronic drums.
  • It has an adjustable sensitivity setting that detects all levels of playing from light brush strokes to the heaviest of playing styles.
  • Improve your playing by knowing your tempo
Korg KDM-2 True Tone Advanced Digital Metronome
470 Reviews
Korg KDM-2 True Tone Advanced Digital Metronome
  • Dynamic metronome with 30-252 tempo range, 19 beat patterns, 3 PCM sounds, and Tap Tempo control
  • Korg's original cylindrical resonator provides powerful sound and improved tone; Headphone output
  • Top-mounted Start/Stop switch doubles as visual indicator; red & green LEDs mark beats and downbeats
  • Provides reference tuning pitch (C4-B4); A4 Calibration from 410 to 480 Hz.
  • Large LCD screen; efficient power for long battery life - 120 continuous hours at 120 BPM
Snark SM-1 Touch Screen Metronome
  • Snark Touch Screen Metronome
  • World's First TOUCH screen Metronome has 6 sounds, 15 Rhythms, Tap Tempo, Pause/Play Feature, Extra Loud Speaker, Variable Volume, 40-250 Beats per Minute Speed, and Jack for Smart Phone Ear Buds.
  • Perfect accessory for any musician.
  • Extra Loud Speaker or Use Smart Phone Ear Buds
Mechanical Metronome Black/Loud Sound Piano Drum Violin Guitar
  • ♪PLAY YOUR FAVORITE PIECES WITH EASE!—This mechanical metronome helps you develop rhythm, maintain tempo, play accurately and increase your musical awareness.
  • ♪APPLICABLE FOR MOST MUSIC INSTRUMENTS—Produce rhythms at a proper pace when practicing piano, violin, guitar, bass, drum and other musical instruments.
  • ♪INCREDIBLE FEATURES—Audible click & bell ring to maintain the rhythm while reading music sheet; Wind up mechanism produce metrical beats, no battery required; Tempo range: 40-208 bpm; Beat selection:0,2,3,4,6.
  • ♪EASY TO USE EVEN FOR CHILDREN & BEGINNERS—Take out the brake, pull off the cover, adjust the beat and tempo, and then you are ready to use; An average single full wind (2160 clicks) lasts at least 18 minutes depending on the tempo;
  • ♪ We stand behind our products 100% with awesome customer support! Email us if you have any questions.
BOSS Dr. Beat Portable Metronome (DB-90)
  • The most advanced metronome available. Trigger input to access unique Rhythm Coach exercises
  • MIDI in for syncing to external sequencer temposPCM sounds with “drum machine” style patterns
  • 50 memories.Human-voice count
KLIQ MetroPitch - Metronome Tuner for All Instruments - with Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, and Chromatic Tuning Modes - Tone Generator - Carrying Pouch Included, Black
  • 3 IN 1 DEVICE: The MetroPitch combines a Tuner, a Metronome, and a Tone Generator, all housed in a pocket-sized device. The included carrying pouch makes for easy transport to your next gig or practice.
  • VERSATILE TUNER: The fast and accurate tuner boasts a wide range of A0-C8, various tuning modes, transposition settings, and pitch calibration. So whichever instrument you play, it's got you covered!
  • TAP TEMPO METRONOME: With a broad range of 30-250 Beats Per Minute, tap tempo, and various beats and rhythm patterns, this metronome will improve your timing in a rich variety of musical styles.
  • EASY TO USE: The intuitive JOG Dial let's you literally dial in your desired tempo quickly and easily. It also allows for making swift pitch selection in the Tone Generator, among many other functions.
  • 3-YEAR MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: In the unlikely event the KLIQ MetroPitch breaks or stops working, we'll replace it or give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.
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