Best Mower for Hills

Best Mower for Hills

For a yard that hills, you need the right kind of mower. The following features are something you should keep in mind to ensure you have the best mower for a lawn with hills.

1. Height Settings

Because hills don’t always slope perfectly, you’re going to be faced with numerous height differences in your grass. Some have better direct access to the sun than other patches. That means they’re going to grow just a bit longer than those without constant direct access to the sun.

You don’t want your lawn to be mowed with various lengths of grass after you’ve finished. That’s where having a mower with height settings is so important. It allows you to control how low or high the cutting deck is angled.

This allows you to ensure that you’re cutting your grass at exactly the same height all over the hill. It can also help you get into those weird angles that can make a mower with a standard height setting unable to reach the grass.

2. Hi-VAC Technology

Another important feature for mowers that work on hills is to have Hi-VAC technology. This technology basically works like a vacuum. As it passes over the grass, it pulls it up towards the cutting deck. This is an extremely important feature to have for your mower that’s going to be doing work on hills.

Because of the weird angles, even with height settings, your mower might still not be able to fit into an odd crook. However, with Hi-VAC technology, the mower can suck the grass towards the cutting deck. It gives you a better chance of being able to get into those really weird angles that the hill provides.

3. Powerful Motor

Your standard motor isn’t going to cut it with hills. They’re designed for minimal effort and flat lawns. To pull the heavy mower up the hill, it’s going to require a heavy-duty motor. When looking for a mower for your hills, you need one that has a powerful motor.

Whether you choose a riding mower or a push-one, the engine matters. Riding mowers, especially, need a heavy-duty engine because it’s going to be pulling the mower as well as your weight up a hill.

Push-mowers only has its own weight to worry about, but to make your life easier, you’ll want something powerful enough to do more of the lifting for you. Otherwise, you’re going to be exhausted pushing the mower up and down the hill without any help.

4. Traction

One feature that is often overlooked in mowers is its traction. For those with flat lawns, traction doesn’t matter that much. Yet if you have hills, then you’re going to need to make sure that your mower has excellent traction.

Most users think of traction as something they need in their car for the snow or rain on the roads. They don’t consider their needs for their lawn. Yet if you have a hill, then traction is extremely important.

A mower with great traction capabilities is going to ensure that you’re able to make it up any steep hill. Mowers without traction will likely slip down the hill. You’ll never make it to the top. Traction can also help keep the engine from being overused.

With less strain on the motor, it will last longer.

5. Automatic Transmission

For riding mowers, specifically, it’s important to have automatic transmission. While you might be able to get away with shifting gears as needed, having an automatic transmission is just easier. The demands on your mower can vary by the second. The transmission can react immediately.