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15pc Miniatures Paint Brush Set - Mini Painting Art Brushes. Perfect for DnD, Warhammer, Scale Model Painting, Nail Art, Face Painting, and More! Can be Used with Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Paint.
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15pc Miniatures Paint Brush Set - Mini Painting Art Brushes. Perfect for DnD, Warhammer, Scale Model Painting, Nail Art, Face Painting, and More! Can be Used with Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Paint.
  • Affordable Set of Brushes for Painting Miniatures, Models, and More: You've invested money building your collection of miniatures and models. You're excited to bring them to life with color. But, you don't want to break the bank buying paint brushes. With our 15-piece set of high-quality paintbrushes, we've got you covered! With so many sizes to choose from, we've got the brush you need - whether you need to paint hard-to-reach areas, get around corners, or add delicate details.
  • This set is great for beginners and pros alike. We designed each brush to be comfortable to hold - whether you're doing a quick paint job or spending hours on a project. The ergonomically-designed, triangular paint brushes are easy to maneuver so that you can paint the tiniest details without your hands feeling fatigued. These provide steady handling, perfect for Warhammer 40K, Dungeons and Dragons DnD miniatures, Reapers miniature or army figures.
  • Anti-Shedding Bristles for Stress-Free Painting We know how frustrating it can be to be "in the zone" while painting, only to notice too late that your paintbrush is shedding. Shedding bristles can leave unintended streaks on your art. And they can be hard to remove - especially if the paint has already started to dry. In other words, shedding paintbrushes can ruin an otherwise perfect piece of art. Our easy-to-clean paintbrushes have anti-shedding bristles, giving you the freedom to paint witho
  • Color-Coded Handles for Easy Reference With 15 paintbrushes, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed figuring out which one you need - especially when working on a complex project. That's why we use color-coded handles! They make it super easy for you to identify which paintbrush you need to create a certain type of detail. No need to get out of your creative zone to examine every single tip. Simply refer to the color key, grab the color-coded paintbrush at a glance, and continue!
  • Perfect for Beginners and Beyond Our goal here at Doodle Hog is to make quality arts and crafts tools accessible for everyone. That's why we not only make them affordable, but beginner-friendly. We want anyone - whether they're an art newbie or have been creating art for years - to be able to use our tools to bring their artistic visions to life. This 15-piece set of miniature paintbrushes is part of our Gold Line Series, so you're guaranteed value and quality.
The Army Painter Wargamers Complete Paint Set - Miniature Painting Kit with 124 Model Paints, 5 Miniatures Paint Brushes and a Painting Guide - Miniature Paint Set for Miniature Figures
  • COMPLETE SET OF 124 WARGAMER MINIATURE PAINTS + 5 PAINT BRUSHES - This exceptional acrylic hobby paint set includes every paint from The Army Painters color range: 124 Warpaints of which 96 Acrylic Warpaints, 8 Metallic Warpaints, 11 Quickshade Washes, and 9 Effects Warpaints; 5 Wargamer Brushes and The Army Painter Painting Guide Free
  • GREAT DEAL SAVINGS - The Army Painter Complete Wargamer Paint Set offers excellent value for your money. You can save about 13% if you get this model paint set rather than buy the bottles with acrylic paints and the miniature paint brushes for acrylic painting individually
  • FANTASTIC CONSISTENCY AND COLOR PIGMENT - Each bottle of The Army Painter warhammer paint is 0.6 oz/18 ml. The non toxic acrylic paint is creamy and highly pigmented with astonishing blending capabilities and excellent coverage
  • EASY-TO-SQUEEZE DROPPER BOTTLE - Bottles are designed with a dropper cap system, enabling you to administer the exact amounts of paint you need without having to open the lid all the time. This ergonomic design prevents wastage and drying out the paint
  • FOR BEGINNERS AND VETERANS ALIKE - This superb model paint kit for plastic models, dungeons and dragons miniatures, warhammer 40k figures, reaper miniatures, and other wargame models includes the best possible quality paints, metallics, and washes available today. It caters perfectly to both experienced and novice wargame painters
Reaper Miniatures 08906 Learn to Paint Kit Core Skills, Master Series Paint Box Set
  • Easy to follow guide for basic Miniature Painting skills with paints, brushes, and minis included.
Reaper Miniatures Master Series Paints Starter Set for Mini Figures
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Reaper Miniatures Master Series Paints Starter Set for Mini Figures
  • This 13 piece starter paint set contains all the essential colors you need to start painting
  • Perfect for those who are just starting the hobby of miniatures paintingIncludes
  • MSP Core Colors, HD, and Bones paint colors: 9028 Muddy Brown, 9044 Tanned Skin,
  • Type: Paint Set
  • Weight: 1.785 lbs
Bristle Sticks Miniature Paint Brushes Kit Set for fine detail painting Scale Model Warhammer, Dungeons&Dragons Figures, Acrylic/Oil paint. Includes faux Leather Wallet, Figure Holder, Wash Container.
  • Bristle Sticks own Ergonomically Designed Triangular Handles for comfort. No cramping hands and enables steady perfection to detail. You'll never have your brush slip out of your hand again. Plastic sleeve shield for each brush. #0,1,2,2/0,3/0,4/0 Max.length 19cm end to tip. versatile and secure.
  • Superior Strong Northeast Birch, Chrome-plated Brass Ferrule, Quality, Durable Double Crimp Anti-shedding, extended durability with complete comfortable, easy use fatigue & Stress free action
  • Miniature Figurine Holder - Made in the US. Assembles to fit 1"and 1.5"models. To make Best results with no more fingers all over your models. Firm grip hold on models and fits tight to enable sleek, meticulously skill on your mini 28mm models. Needs assembling.
  • Washer Container - Ensures your brushes last and won't curl as they dry. No strays. Wash brushes and leave to dry on the hangers on the side of the container while you move on to your next project with confidence.
  • Bristle Sticks own Wallet Roll Up Pouch - Travel case to protect your speciality brushes. Safe protective storage. Look professional and organised to your friends and peers. Slot, wrap, roll and go. Look cool when you meet up with your mates. You'll be the envy of the group.
The Army Painter Miniatures Paint Set, 10 Model Paints with Free Highlighting Brush, 18ml/Bottle, Miniature Painting Kit, Non Toxic Acrylic Paint Set, Wargames Hobby Starter Paint Set (New Version)
  • AFFORDABLE YET SUPERIOR QUALITY — Our price is more affordable than other known wargame paint brands. You’ll only pay about a couple of dollars for each 0.6oz/18 ml bottle yet get premium quality paints from The Army Painter miniature starter set, a fantastic deal you shouldn’t miss
  • GREAT GIFT FOR NOVICE ARTISTS AND VETERAN PAINTERS — This model paint set is a great birthday present or gift for any occasions for beginners who just got into the hobby of miniature painting and for advanced painters who need to replenish the basic colors for their already existing paints set
  • FREE HOBBY HIGHLIGHTING BRUSH — Made from the finest quality Toray synthetic hair, this highlight detailing brush is a great all-around brush for making detailed highlights on your warhammer figures and other military models; has a sharp tip for hard-to-get areas on a miniature
  • SUPERB CONSISTENCY FOR EASY APPLICATION — The Army Painter’s range of primary color acrylic paints, metallic paint and miniature wash is lauded because of their perfect consistency; neither too thick nor too thin, which makes them easy to apply and manipulate
  • DROPPER CAP TO PREVENT DRYING — Get the exact amount you need with the ergonomically designed dropper bottle, so you won’t be wasting any paint. The colors are highly pigmented; give the bottle a good shake before you squeeze
The Army Painter Miniature Painting Kit with 100 Rustproof Mixing Balls Model Paint Set with 60 Nontoxic Acrylic Paints for Wargamers Miniatures Hobby Paint Set
  • WHILE OTHER PAINT SETS REQUIRE EXTENSIVE SHAKING - Our rust-free mixing balls allow you to stir up pigments that settle at the bottom to get perfect consistency in less time and with less work
  • WORRIED ABOUT PAINTS DRYING OUT? - Unlike brands who use paint pots, we added enough medium and designed our bottles with dropper caps to limit the air flow and preserve paints for the long haul
  • HEAVY PIGMENTS & CREAMY CONSISTENCY - allow for excellent coverage, fewer coats, and no loss of detail on your mini. Includes 60 Warpaints: 43 acrylic miniatures paints, 5 metallics, 7 quickshade washes and 5 effects paints
  • GET MORE PAINT AND STILL SAVE - Our paints come in above average 18ml bottles at half the price of popular model paints for plastic models, who only sell 12ml bottles of paint that tend to dry out quickly.
  • WE BELIEVE IN PROVIDING PEACE OF MIND - You can worry less about thin or leaky paint focus more on playing Warhammer 40k or Dungeons and Dragons. This mini paint set is perfect for reaper miniatures, battletech miniature, nolzur's marvelous miniatures, and other unpainted miniatures.
Dungeons and Dragons Official Paint Line Monsters Paint Set
  • 36 water-based, non-toxic Warpaints (28 acrylic paints, 3 metallic paints, 3 washes and 2 effects paints)
  • 12ml precision dropper bottles
  • 1 D&D Owlbear Monster miniature
  • Fantastic selection of colours for your D&D creature and monster miniatures
  • Expansion set; recommended as add-on to Adventurer’s Paint Set
Kolinsky Sable Detail Paint Brush Set - 10pcs Siberian Mink Miniature Brushes for Fine Detailing & Art Painting, Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Warhammer 40k, Craft Models Rock Painting
  • PURE SIBERIAN SABLE ARTIST PAINT BRUSH: Sable weasel siberian mink hair, offer excellent liquid holding capacity, so that the brush can hold a large amounts of water and the brush tip can hold paint exceptionally well, not stray or spread while painting, and the paint brush tip is sturdy enough not easy to bend or split with pressure, trimmed and shaped neatly, no strands stick out.
  • PERFECT GRIP AND BALANCE HANDLE: Ergonomic designed hard wood triangular handle, dull polished and then spray lacquer, anti-slip, comfortable to gripe, designed for easy grip and perfect balance, that ensure no-slip grip, little to no hand fatigue and won't roll off the table, free you to concentrate on the important details of your brush painting, aiding in muscular dexterity for painting with ease and control.
  • DETAIL PAINT BRUSH SET: Comes with 10 miniature artist paint brushes in size 5/0#,3/0#,2/0#,0#,1#,2#,3#,4#,6#,8#, really meet your needs in models, ensure that you always have just the right paint brush for the job, This set of detailing brushes offers the perfect small paint brush for each phase of all your artistic painting projects. Enjoy a new sense of mastery and control when you paint.
  • VERSATILE PAINTBRUSH SET: These miniature art brushes are perfect for all sorts of detailing, are good for models, figurines, action figures and doll houses. Our artist paint brush set is essential for nail art and face painting, and it's also great for adult coloring books.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: If you are not satisfied with our detail paint brush, we’re very happy to either provide a no-questions-asked Refund or Replacement. Order today risk free.
Nicpro New Small Detail Paint Brush Set,16 Professional Miniature Fine Detail Brushes for Watercolor Oil Acrylic,Craft Models Rock Painting & Paint by Number
  • Set of 16 detail paint brush, including Liners 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0 & 1. Rounds 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, 1, 2, 4. Flats 2/0, 0, 1, 2. Tight Spot 0. Quality Synthetic Hair,Without the unwanted hair splitting or shedding
  • Perfect for all sorts of detailing. Good for nail art and face painting, work great for painting miniatures, models, figurines, action figures and doll houses, rock painting, paint by Numbers, Army paint.Acrylic, watercolor, or oil which ever project you are creating you will have the right tool for all of your hobbies and crafts.
  • Special ergonomic triangular handle design for extra comfort. With 7 layers painted birch wood handles in special painting color, straight and persistent foaming, providing the perfect combination between balance and comfort, you can paint for as long as you want without pain .And they won't roll off the table.
  • Come with portable container plastic case and a dust bag for added protection.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: If you are not satisfied with Nicpro detail paint brush,we’re very happy to either provide a no-questions-asked Refund or Replacement. Order today risk free!