Best planners for moms

Best Planners for Moms

Moms are one of the busiest people in the world. To help you stay organized and on track, here are a few features that you should ensure are in your next planner.

1. Customization

Sometimes you just need to start from scratch. One of the best kinds of planners is one that you can customize to the last detail. You can often find businesses and software that allow you to create a planner entirely your own.

The important aspect is that you can create a planner that fits your needs perfectly. Perhaps you need something that has a calendar instead of a place to jot down notes. Or perhaps you need a large calendar, so you can jot down notes.

Whatever your needs, the best planner for you is one that is utterly customizable.

2. Inspiring Quotes

As a mother, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Not only do you have the kids to worry about, but you have your own needs and the needs of your spouse. For working moms, you even have your own professional career to worry about.

That’s why one great feature to have with your planner is inspiring quotes. Whether it rests on the cover or there’s a quote on each page, these can help give you the motivation and inspiration that you need when things are getting a little too stressed or too dark.

Why let your planner just be a planner? Instead, let it become a place of refuge and inspiration for when you’re feeling unfocused.

3. Weekly and Monthly Layouts

Another great feature to have is a planner that offers both weekly and monthly layouts. Sometimes you need to plan for the close future and other times you need to plan for the far future.

A planner that allows you to jot down tasks and reminders for the week as well as for the month is crucial. Not only will you be able to remember what to do each day of the week, but those appointments you made months ago will be right there in the monthly category as well.

With this powerful dual-reminder capability, you’ll never be disorganized or miss a reminder or task again.

4. Hourly

For moms who need to schedule themselves by the hour, then a great feature for your planner is to have an hourly planner. This gives you the date at the top and the ability to write down what you need to do by the hour.

For especially busy moms, it’s important to divide your time by the hours in the day. This helps ensure that you get as much work done as possible without becoming distracted or by spending too much time on one task over another.

An additional feature that you might want to have included in your hourly planner is a space where you can write down your top three priorities for each day. This helps ensure that even if you become bogged down, you know what the top priorities that need to be finished on that specific day are.

5. Drawing

If you’re a mom who loves to be creative or just needs an outlet to let out some steam from time to time, then you might benefit from a planner that has additional space for drawing or journaling.

Your planner should have all of the benefits of remaining organized, but at the back of the planner, it should provide you with a few blank pages where you can just draw or journal. Both drawing and journaling can be a great release and escape for someone who feels like she’s gonna explode.