Best Pots for Orchids

MUZHI Orchid Pot with Net and Holes, Round Self Watering Planter Pot for Indoor Plants and Flowers 3 Sets White
  • Package Included:3 set pots, 2 Large (Outer Dia 6", Inner Dia 4.4") and 1 Small (Outer Dia 4.6", Inner Dia 3.5"), Orchid pot made of quality PP plastic
  • Double Layer Design: Outer pot for water storage, no worry about water leakage and furniture ruins. Pour away excess water if plants don't like too much water
  • Inner mesh pot with wide lip edge makes handling easier and enough space for air circulation. Pots have slits on base and side to drain very well, promotes healthy root growth
  • Additional wicking rope is for Self Watering when you go out serval days. Pls do not water the plant exceed inner net pot's bottom. Water level for outer flower pots is 0.5-1 inch
  • You can use this sturdy cylinder orchid planter for Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Devil's Ivy, Golden Pothos, herb, African Violet, Cattleya planting, Decorate your dining room, bedroom, kitchen office and chamber etc
rePotme Slotted Clear Orchid Pot - 8 Pots - 2 Each of 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch
  • The #1 Orchid Pot
  • Includes our Exclusive 3", 4", 5" and 6" Slotted Orchid Pots
  • Built with UV Protection and Plant Safe Materials
  • Provides Excellent Drainage and Airflow Leading to Healthy Root Growth. Works with any potting mix.
  • Perfect for Orchids, African Violets, Succulents, and more!
Orchid Pots with Holes Indoor Clear Plastic Plant Pot Set (5.5" - 4 Pack)
  • ULTRA BREATHABLE – Ideal Aeration Ensures Long and Active Flowering of Orchids
  • IDEAL DRAINAGE - Always the Right Level of Substrate Moisture
  • VISUAL CONTROL - Transparent Plastic Pot Provides Perfect Control Over the Condition of the Roots
  • DURABLE Construction - Guarantees Many Years of Pleasure from the Use of these Pots
  • THREE SIZES of Pots to Choose from - 110 mm, (4.5 inch), 140 mm, (5.5 inch), 170 mm, (6.5 inch) - You will Choose the Pots Exactly for Your Needs!
Meshpot 6.3 Inches Plastic Orchid Pots With Holes - 2 Inner Pot,2 Outer Pot,2 Tray (2PCS White)
  • Made of Food Grade PP(sturdy and durable),non-toxic and tasteless,can be used in outdoor for 10 years old.
  • This Plant Pot is specifically designed for Orchidaceae, such as Orchid, Dendrobium, Clivia miniata,Phalaenopsis aphrodite Rchb. F., It's also suitable for common plants.
  • Excellent Drainage and Air Ventilation: the holes in the sides provide more air to the roots;the holes in the bottom not only can provide proper drainage but also ensure enough water retention to keep your roots healthy and happy.
  • Prevent Root Circling and Rotting: when a plant becomes too big for a solid pot,roots begin to circle and choke each other,but for our pots,roots can grow along slots outgrowing of the pot by holes in the sides and bottom,prunes the root structure,prevent root circling and rotting,also can reduce re-potting times.
  • Package Included: 2 inner pots,2 outer pots,2 trays(6.3 inches dia.) ; 1 inner pot,1 outer pot,1 tray(4 inches dia.,for gift)
YIKUSH 5.5 inch 5 Pack Orchid Clear Flower Pot Plastic Planter Breathable Slotted
  • Size: 5.5 inches on the top; 3.7 inches diameter at the bottom; 4.33 inches Height. 5 pots pack.
  • This flower pots have holes in the bottom and slits on the sides to increase drainage.
  • Clear pots allow to control the well-being of the planter roots.
  • Sturdy designed with raised center helps eliminate stagnant water.
  • Ideal for Orchids and other plants that require sunlight and air to their roots.
6" Inch Round Clear Plastic Orchid Pot - 5 Pack
  • Sturdy designed Teku pot made in Germany
  • 5 7/8 inches diameter x 4 7/8 inches tall tapers to 4 1/4 inches at bottom.
  • Promotes great drainage, humidity and aeration.
  • Clear plastic allows light and air into roots along with a 1 inch raised center helps eliminate stagnant water.
allen + roth 8 in. Orchid Pot with Saucer White
  • The cut-out planter is designed to provide air to roots to promote plant health
  • Includes attached saucer and drainage hole to help prevent over-watering
  • Ideal for indoor plants
Clear Orchid pots with Holes Plastic Flower Planter 5.5 inch 4 Pack
  • Clear plastic orchid pots size: 5.5 inches on the top; 3.7 inches diameter at the bottom; 4.33 inches Height.
  • 4 Pack quantity of orchid pot for Orchid plant, or any other plant.
  • orchid pots with holes offer more moisture discharge and excellent inner air flow, which is perfect for the orchids' growth.
  • the clear orchid pot is transparent so the root is viewable and it can get more light
  • the plastic orchid pot is ideal and economical resolution for All Orchid Types, African Violets, Tropicals, and other kind plant which need more root care
Mkono 7 Inch Plastic Orchid Pots Set with Holes and Mesh, 2 Inner and 2 Outer Plant Planters
  • By using the Mkono Orchid Pots, the rate of water and nutrient element uptake is increased and therefore ideal aerobic conditions can be achieved to promote healthy root growth.
  • Material: High quality PP plastic, the outer pot's surface is matte white. Mkono Plant Pots are specifically designed for Orchidaceae, such as Orchid, Dendrobium, Cattleya. It also suitable for common plants.
  • Root control design. Slotted pot can effectively lead lateral root's grow better and distribute uniformly, the nets allow more airflow to the root zone prunes the root structure and avoids circling.
  • Outer and Inner Pots Set: Both of pots have holes in the bottom, allow better drainage for orchids. The inner pots with slotted vented sides promote orchids growth through aeration.
  • Package included: 2 inner net pots and 2 outer pots. Outer Pot is approximatively 7 1/2" wide by 6 3/4" high. Inner Pot is approximatively 6.3" wide by 6" high. Please note that plants are not included in these items.
Orchid Pots with Holes, Clear Orchid Pots Plastic Planter Clear Flower Pot Indoor 5.5 inch 10 Pack
  • Each Orchid Pot Size: 5.5 inches on the top, 3.7 inches diameter at the bottom, 4.33 inches Height. Package include 10 pack clear plastic pot for orchids.(Note: Plant is not included).
  • Drainage Holes: Each flower pots have lots of drain holes in the bottom and slits on the sides to increase drainage. The holes in the clear orchid pots allow for good air circulation and watering. Thrive young and mature orchids in these clear orchid pots.
  • Orchids Planter: Clear pots allow to control the well-being of the planter roots. Raising Healthy Orchids in your house. Perfect for transplanting orchids in the plastic pot.
  • Sturdy Plastic Orchid Pots: Made of thick study plastic. Sturdy designed 5.5 inch plastic orchid pot. The bottom of orchid pot is raised up in the center to drainage excess water.
  • Clear Pots for Orchid: Ideal for Orchids, or succulents and other plants that require sunlight and air. The clear pots which is easy to keep an eye the condition of the orchid roots.
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